Advanced large scale timber machining.

Create or match any existing profile.

Timber machining services to produce mouldings in non-standard profiles – perfect for architects or anyone involved in restoration projects or property development. Blumsom stock tooling required for a vast range of moulding profiles.

1 Hour Express Service

Any size Planed All Around & Same Day Collection on stock mouldings.

Timber Machining Services

Let your imagination run wild and create unique mouldings for door frames and architraves; dado rails and coving; or banisters and handrails that fit precisely within your building design.

Step 1 Sketch or Sample

We require an accurate sketch inc. dimensions, or a sample of the moulding to copy. We will advise you at this stage of any technical limitations of the type of material you want to use – min thicknesses, tolerances etc.

Step 2  Technical drawing

We will produce a scale drawing of your profile for you to approve. Once approved we will use our CNC template maker to create an acrylic template for HSS (High Speed Steel) or TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tip)cutters depending on timber preference.

Step 3 Making the cutter

Once we have the acrylic template we take a steel blank and produce a pair of cutters that precisely match the technical drawing.

Step 4 Sawing

The hardwood or softwood is now cut to width in-house using one of our Raiman Multirip saws.

Step 5 Machining

The cutter is used in one of our Powermat moulders to create your moulding in hardwood or softwood. We can produce in small or large quantities.

Step 6 Finished product

We keep your CAD drawing on file, and template and cutter in our stock room – so producing additional runs of your moulding is as simple as calling us.

Blumsom Recycling Project

Automatic Wood Waste Burner

We were one of the first companies in the UK to install an automatic wood waste boiler to make use of recycled wood and sawdust. Our state-of-the-art boiler is now used to heat our factory and to power all our kilns.

Advanced on-site machinery

Over the last few years our advanced on-site machining facility has benefited from a complete upgrade in excess of £1,000,000.

WEINIG Powermat 1500
WEINIG Rondamat 960
WEINIG OptiCut S50


Project 1

Beaulieu Heath

Project 2

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Who are we

A family business since 1896

BLUMSOM has a vast history dating back from 1896, when Chair-maker Charles Robert Blumsom founded the timber importing business C Blumsom Ltd in Bethnal Green, Robert Blumsom is our current Chairman. BLUMSOM CUSTOM MILLING and BLUMSOM TIMBER CENTRE trade under this name.

 BLUMSOM COMPOSITE and BLUMSOM ALUMINIUM brand were created in 2018 by Freddie C Blumsom his son.

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